composition / production / sound design



iceland inspiration

my story…

i grew up in the midwest—chicago area and then southwest michigan.

i graduated from western michigan university with degrees in jazz performance and spanish, then i got my master’s in composition and production from the university of miami.

I moved to LA and started writing music for trailers and tv, and have been fortunate enough to get some major placements. making a custom trailer version of the between two ferns (taxi driver) theme is one highlight. going to the theater and hearing my tracks in theatrical trailers for movies like smallfoot, the belko experiment and hercules is another. some of the libraries i’ve worked with include pitch hammer, annihilation, audio network, redcola, universal, a-list, and sonic symphony.

i’ve also done custom sound design for trailers, tv, and internet commercials—including a coke spot for the world cup in iceland that ended up winning some awards.

while i’m not working on production music or sound design i’m producing and writing with other artists. it’s mostly electronic and synth-based, but there’s usually also some indie and jazz elements thrown in. i use sequential synths for a lot of that stuff—love my prophet rev2.